CANCELED Album & Lyric Book

The final masterpiece of SOMETHING INVOLVING A MONKEY's catalog. Comes with a fully illustrated lyric book, designed by 10 different regional artists, and a SIAM logo thumb drive housing all the music and digital version of the lyric book art.

Canceled "Karen" T-Shirt

Get your "Karen" on as Something Involving A Monkey is officially CANCELED!

Latest Releases

10,000 Rambos

Old Men Dying Album

10,000 Rambos debut album on Misfit Toy Records, a 6 min. grindcore assault featuring members of HRD and SIAM. 


"Fishing With Dynamite" Physical CD

Western NY States folk punk-a-billy washboard lovin' bunch have released their much anticipated EP "Fishing WIth Dynamite". Get your copy today!! Only a limited run available!!

Mosquito Bitten Bastards

"Happiness Is Whatever You Want It To Be" Album

The sole release from one of Northeast Ohio's hidden late '90's gems. A driving and well written set of tunes composed and performed throughout the region, Mosquito Bitten Bastards would have a loyal following through their years on the regional scene. Ultimately, their time was short, however this album represents well the energy, drive and creativity of one of Ohio's best indie-rock bands of the late '90's.

Purchase Album Here


Something Involving A Monkey "Poop Shirt"

This shirt will make you the talk of the town!! Black with diarrhea brown and corn highlighted lettering, it gives off a very smelly & messy visual of Something Involving A Monkey's name. Created by a monkey himself, it is only fitting that the back gives homage to the struggling artist by stating "I supported independent music and all I got was this shitty shirt" Comes in sizes S, M, XL, 2XL.

Gorilla Warfare Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

The monkey is deviously driving a two-headed gorilla into mischief. And because devilish acts are best done at night, the whole image glows in the dark. We only have SMALLS left in this style

Something Involving A Monkey "Kill Kat" T-Shirt

Break off a piece of some Kill Kat with this original mock of the famous candy bar. Something Involving A Monkey's infamous shirt off the cover of their Halloween album, "Trick or Treat", with band logo and symbol on the back. This shirt will definitely gauge whom are your most kindred spirits in friendship and humor. Sorry, we only have SMALLS left in this style.

Something Involving A Monkey Hoodie

´╗┐´╗┐This zip up hoodie has three exploding monkeys, ears, eyes and mouth, and the trademark "hieroglyhpic" monkey on the back. Great for outdoor hiking, bonfire rituals & fencing. Also can be used as an invisibility cloak. We only have SMALLS left of this piece 


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