Misfit Toy Records, though founded in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, has roots dating back to the mid '90's. Supported by local & regional musicians, Misfit Toy Records aims to highlight & promote local & regional acts that have caught the ears of many people in Northeast Ohio, but never got the exposure much beyond. Some bands are currently active, others are not, but each has a distinct sound that makes them unique. As the ever-growing digital media world expands, Misfit Toy Records aims to preserve the music of the past and to introduce musical talent to those eager to experience auditory innovation. 

Misfit Toy Records acts more as a conglomerate of musicians, artists & bands. The idea is that, as a collective, these like-minded artists can convene into one site, sharing their art and cross pollinating their friends & fans. Unlike a traditional label, Misfit Toys gives its artists the control over the presentation and distribution of their art. All sales go directly to the artists. The goal being, as whole, we at Misfit Toy Records, can stake a bigger claim on the world wide web. Please take the time to give each of our artists a look and a listen. And thank you for your patronage, no matter how small.