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Hemi Devils "Trilogy of 6"

Something Involving A Monkey Hoodie - $40 plus shipping

This zip up hoodie has three exploding monkeys, ears, eyes and mouth, and the trademark "hieroglyhpic" monkey on the back. Great for outdoor hiking, bonfire rituals & fencing. Also can be used as an invisibility cloak. Comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Something Involving A Monkey "Poop Shirt" - $15 plus shipping

This shirt will make you the talk of the town!! Black with diarrhea brown and corn highlighted lettering, it gives off a very smelly & messy visual of Something Involving A Monkey's name. Created by a monkey himself, it is only fitting that the back gives homage to the struggling artist by stating "I supported independent music and all I got was this shitty shirt" Comes in sizes M, L, XL, 2XL.

Hemi Devils "The Trilogy of 6: Volume 1" - Digital Download

The first in a 3 part trilogy about two unsavory gentlemen and their run ins with Satan, fast cars, loose women and lots of booze. Hemi Devils bring on a metal infused blues and rock that sometimes borders with rockabilly. Born out of the vision of founders Jack & Kenny, quite literally, while working on a car. The concept infuses the dirtiest and sexiest parts of rock and metal with catch phrases that make you shout along to the tunes.

Hemi Devils "The Trilogy of 6: Volume 2" - Digital Download

Part 2 of Hemi Devils trilogy dedicated to the long road of fast cars, rough women & Satans relentless pursuit of our souls. Heavy metal blues and rock n roll get fueled on high octane, deceit, and booze. Take a hell ride with Clevelands premier rockabilly metal demons.

Benzoleene "Samurai Flu" - Digital Download

Benzoleene performed during the late '90's, early 2000's leaving behind a spattering of shows and this lone album. A spastic, angered, yet insightful set of tunes marked by creative hooks and phrases, Benzoleene has a remarkable way of catching your attention. Multi-faceted talent of many genres of metal infuse throughout leaving the listener well entertained. 

Wasteland T-Shirt - $15 plus free "Wasteland" CD

Something Involving A Monkey's "Wasteland" t-shirt comes in a dark navy blue with the lounging monkey on the front & the lyrics to their opening track "The Wasteland part 1" on the back. Comes in sizes Medium, large & X large

3rd World Leader "Picture Imperfect" - Digital download

The debut album of 3rd World Leader, a technical and talented set of songs set to odd times and impending lyricism. Often Tool inspired singing with Death and King Crimson-esque riffing & rhythms, 3rd world Leader has quickly gained notoriety as one of the sharpest acts both in the studio and live.  

Drawing Fire "Ei Mitään" - Digital Download

Drawing Fire was the precursor to 3rd World Leader, expressing much of the progressive, on point musicianship that would ultimately lead to 3WL. This 3 piece outfit (consisting of Matt Shelton & Dennis Malkamaki of 3WL) showcased, in their short existence, the talented instrumentation & songwriting that ultimately fed their later projects.

Listen Little Man "Dark Ages of Art Rock" - Digital Download

Cleveland based Alt-Rock group's first on-line full length album. Filled with heavy dynamics and supreme musicianship, Listen Little Man weild a colorful array of sound & songwriting. Intelligent riffing and groove work complimented by the leading voice of Xela will keep your attention throughout. 

Phil Hatchet - Eponymous album download

The only full-length album by this mid-2000's hardcore metal act. Quick, in your face grooves and hooks, Phil Hatchet relentlessly comes at you with a thrilling attack of musicianship. 

The Family Riot

Second & final studio album. Recording has Todd Ankrom on drums and was finished posthumous to his passing. A comprehensive and creative set of songs highlighting the bands unique approach to song writing and percussive colorization.

Happy Rainbow Death "March of the Clowns/Crapuloso" - Digital Download

The first 2 albums of this obscure, mid '90's group who helped inspire many bands later. The first recording, "March of the Clowns" would come out in 1995 and would soon propel the band to being one Cleveland's oddest groups. 1997 would then be the release of their second album, "Crapuloso" which carried on with much of the similar circus metal sound that the band was famous for. This release, 20 years later, is 2 albums in one, highlighting the bands avante-garde approach to music.

A Few Askew "Off the Beaten Path"

The only full-length album by this experimental jam band outfit. Solid creative bass & drum rhythms & poly-rhythms highlighted by various guitar colors & vocal attacks.

Brick Stonewall & The United States of Awesome "Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2"

Hailing from somewhere deep within the Appalachians, comes a group of rubes who invaded the rock scene & left a mark worse than the streak on your under garments. Sick, twisted, hillbilly rock with plenty of patriotism to make the founding fathers question their loyalty to the great nation. Brick Stonewall & his crew will rock you beyond your wildest dreams.....